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Siris has accelerated the pace of transformation and the upgrading of advanced intelligent equipment. The application of ERP system has been put into implementation comprehensively while the automatic system of weighing and conveying dyes additives as well as the precisely-charging integrated systems are fully operational, leading to a first-class intelligent logistics and warehouse management system. Siris has successfully explored a way of industrial transforming and upgrading, paved a new path toward development.

Technical Innovation And Professional R&D

Siris has always been committed to technological innovation. Holding a test center, two R & D centers, three laboratories and more than 150 R & D technical personnel specializing in fabric research and development, we have built a whole supply chain from orders-receiving to shipping with rapid response.

Laboratory With Constant Temperature And Humidity

The testing center of Siris cooperates with the famous testing organization INTERTEK and adopts the testing standards and methods of AATCC, ISO, ASTM, BS to control the product quality. The overall process and all-round product testing system with efficient and accurate experimental data has gained trust from global clients.

Energy Saving And Environment Protection

As the green industry benchmark, the company always gives its first priority to energy saving and emission reduction, using a large number of environmentally friendly and healthy raw materials in production, purchasing environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment, recycling waste heat from exhaust gases and adopting biochemical treatment and membrane technology. Siris has always been the backing force of environment protection and sustainable development.