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Binhai dyeing plant to carry out the first lesson of safety production

Issue Date:2024-03-02

In order to effectively improve the safety awareness of employees, prevent the occurrence of production safety accidents, and orderly promote the safety resumption of work and production, on the morning of February 27, the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Comprehensive Affairs organized safety education and training, focusing on the promotion of the safety concept of "return to work and production, safety first" for departments with large turnover such as knitting workshops.

He Jianyang, manager of the printing and dyeing Department, gave a lecture and conducted safety knowledge training for employees, including the popularization of the basic concept of production safety, the use and protection of hazardous chemicals, the standard requirements of special operations and the investigation of the company's main hazards, etc., to avoid serious accident risks that may be caused by illegal operations. At the same time, Manager He also introduced the relevant knowledge of high-altitude fire protection in detail, and explained the fire characteristics of high-rise dormitories, the hazards of high-altitude throwing and matters needing attention by combining actual cases, so as to effectively enhance the overall safety awareness of employees. Then Manager He explained the correct use of fire equipment, and through simulation exercises, let employees apply the correct operation mode in the face of emergencies, so as to minimize the damage of accidents.

Improve standing strong responsibility, detailed implementation to ensure safety. Safety is the first issue of the resumption of work and production, all employees should clarify their respective responsibilities and fully implement the main responsibility of safety production; Familiar with job risks, timely rectification of safety hazards found during inspection; Improve emergency response capacity and effectively curb accidents. All departments should also strengthen staff training, establish the concept of "safety first", and earnestly grasp the work of safety production.