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Love donation warms the heart, genuine assistance for students grows with them

Issue Date:2024-01-15

Caring for students, warm early winter, SIRIS actively feedback society, with action to support public welfare undertakings. On the afternoon of January 11, the general manager of the company Yang Baolin, the office director Zhang Yongxing went to the primary school of Paojiang to carry out the annual "education encouragement to promote talent" love education donation activities, the deputy director of the Municipal Commission of Working Commission Zhu Hongliang, the secretary general of the Municipal Commission of Working Commission Chen Qiwen, the secretary of Mashan Middle School Ma Tianle, the general president of the small group of Pao Xiao Group Wang Caiyu, the principal of Qunying Primary School Feng Zhangrong, the old principal Xie Zhaonan, the students and so on attended together.

First of all, President Wang of the Pao group introduced Yang's moving story of learning and promoting talent, and she expressed heartfelt thanks to Yang on behalf of all teachers and students. President Wang said that this activity will not only help the school to cultivate more and more excellent students, but also promote the social trend of teaching assistants and happy education.

Then, Mr. Yang sent red envelopes of love to all the students. This year, the company funded 35 needy students with an amount of more than 100,000 yuan. Red envelope conveys warmth, love ignites hope; Drip irrigation seedlings, true feelings hold up the sunrise.

After that, the student representatives of Mashan Secondary School spoke, and the student representatives of Qunying Primary School sent flowers to Mr. Yang. They expressed their sincere gratitude to Mr. Yang and the teachers for their warm help, and solemnly promised on behalf of all the students that they would study hard, establish lofty ideals, and never live up to their ardent hopes.

Thirty-five years still warm, love is still. Mr. Yang said that from 1988 "celebrate 61, send happiness" to the establishment of the group's working committee since 2010, our company has been actively carrying out love activities, in the future, the seven-color rainbow working Committee will continue to use "blood transfusion" and "hematopoietic" working methods, to help students build confidence, master knowledge, out of difficulties, grow into talent.

Kindness creates harmony, love inherits virtue. Secretary Ma of Mashan Middle School pointed out that today's donation shows the broad feelings of Yang's support for education and great love, sowing the seeds of love into the hearts of children, letting them remember the time when they were cared for, helped and moved, storing energy for love, and contributing to the theme of a harmonious and beautiful society.

Mr. Zhu, director of the Municipal Customs and Communication Committee, expressed admiration for Mr. Yang's work of caring for the next generation for many years, and thanked all the workers engaged in education. He also hoped that the subsidized students would transform the deep care of the Party and the government and the sincere care of enterprises into a powerful driving force to be grateful to the society and aspire to become a talent, establish lofty ideals, study hard, become a talent as soon as possible, and return to society.

Love students, build a dream of the future. Under the leadership of General Yang, the SIRIS Working Committee will continue to uphold the original intention of "sending warmth to promote talent", convey warmth and true feelings, and hope that the funded students will return the society with knowledge, skills and love, and grow into a new era of young people with goals, aspirations and culture.