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SIRIS Group won the Excellence Award in the 6th China Eco-friendly Fabric Design Competition

Issue Date:2023-12-04

The China Eco-friendly Fabric Design Competition is sponsored by the China Textile and Apparel Industry Federation and co-organized by the Textile Product Development Center, the Social Responsibility Office of the China Textile and Apparel Industry Federation, and the China Oriental Silk Market Management Committee. At the competition review meeting, the most cutting-edge green innovations in the textile industry were selected from more than 2,000 participating fabrics around multiple dimensions such as ecologically friendly materials, ecologically friendly technologies, and ecologically friendly certifications, so that green materials, green technologies, and green products , green manufacturing and green consumption are more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, leading the sustainable development of the industry.

The SIRIS "anti-copper ammonia sand-washed twill" fabric won the Excellence Award in this competition. This fabric is made of a combination of lyocell and recycled polyester. The double-sided process design forms a twill small texture surface. The fabric has a silky texture and a clear texture. The cloth surface is specially treated with fiber-opening sand washing to achieve a smooth and delicate feel. The cloth surface presents a Smooth and firm, natural skin-fitting, crisp texture.

Environmentally friendly materials include four categories: bio-based fiber, solution-dyed fiber, renewable fiber and degradable fiber. Over the years, the proportion of environmentally friendly materials used in fabrics on the market has increased year by year, which meets the needs of current brands. Environmentally friendly materials have unique feel and structure among different styles of fabrics. Secondly, environmentally friendly materials can also be combined with functionality to provide consumers with a better consumption experience. In today's era, consumers are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, and their attention to environmentally friendly fabrics is growing rapidly. Therefore, the future market for environmentally friendly fabrics cannot be underestimated.