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Xiao Guozhong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Hulunbuir Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and his party visited SIRIS for investigation and research

Issue Date:2023-11-16

On the morning of November 13, Xiao Guozhong, Party Secretary and Director of Hulunbuir Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Chen Haihuai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Shaoxing Employment and Manpower Center, and their delegation visited our company for on-site inspection and research. Xu Guoqing, Deputy General Manager of the Group, Administration Deputy General Manager Zhou Dejun and Human Resources Department Manager Zhang Yinping received and accompanied them.

Secretary Xiao and his party first visited the company's exhibition hall, and Mr. Zhou gave a detailed introduction to the company's development history, product technology, cultural construction and other aspects. At the symposium, Secretary Xiao and Mr. Xu exchanged views on Inner Mongolia’s industrial system and the origins of cooperation with major universities. They hope to strengthen in-depth cooperation with enterprises in terms of student employment and encourage more outstanding graduates to work in Inner Mongolia. Mr. Xu introduced the company’s operating conditions, talent needs, and various labor and employment tasks. Secretary Xiao fully affirmed our company’s human resources management work. Secretary Chen said that the local human resources management department will further strengthen the docking and services with enterprises, make every effort to solve the practical difficulties in the introduction, retention and development of talents, and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.

Finally, based on the analysis of the "difficulties" of talent shortage in enterprise development, Secretary Xiao said that he would bring relevant issues back for detailed study, hoping to creatively provide more services to enterprises, build a bridge between enterprises and schools, and practically solve the problem of enterprise talent shortage. Recruitment and development needs. Talent is the foundation of enterprise development, the key to innovation, and the foundation of a strong enterprise. SIRIS will further strengthen the talent cultivation mechanism and provide inexhaustible power for the vigorous development of enterprises.