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Siris won the Excellent Award of the 2023 China Fashion fabric contest

Issue Date:2023-11-08

The Sateri 2023 China Fashion Faber Design Contest is directed by the China Textile Industry Federation,hosted by China Textile Information Center and National Textile Product Development Center, sponsored by the Sateri. At the competition review meeting, experts from industry institutions, professional institutions, fiber enterprises, terminal brands and other industrial chainsbased on more than 2,200 participating fabrics, carried out warm discussions and layers around creative design, product upgrades, and industrial chain joint work.

The "double -sided" fabric of Siris stood out and won the excellent award of this contest. This fabric is based on the design of the tissue structure of the small tirled flower, combined with slightly convex geometric graphics design, which improves the fluffy and warmth of the fabric after anti -contraction and special brush bristle technology, etc.. It is also skin -friendly, with a modern fashion style.

In the era of rational consumption, consumers pay more attention to finding differentiated product value from technological innovation and ultimate product experience. It can be seen through this competition that the application of high -end materials has penetrated into daily fields, environmentally friendly raw materials and dyeing techniques have become mainstream, and cross -scenario demand below is more diverse.