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Wei Wei, Chairman of the Shaoxing CPPCC, and his delegation visited the company’s dyeing factory for investigation

Issue Date:2023-11-03

On the morning of November 2, Wei Wei, Chairman of the CPPCC, Gao Jianguo, Vice Chairman, Wang Xubo, Secretary-General, as well as relevant leaders from the district government and the District CPPCC visited our company for a visit and investigation. Group General Manager Yang Baolin, Deputy General Manager Wang Guogen, Deputy General Manager Manager Ge Xingrong received and accompanied us.

Chairman Wei and his party first visited the dyeing workshop, AGV smart warehouse and R&D center. Mr. Yang gave a detailed introduction to the relevant situation of our company. SIRIS actively responded to the policy call and took the lead in completing the relocation of the printing and dyeing industry and launching production. Chairman Wei spoke highly of and recognized SIRIS's achievements in development, and hoped that the company would make good use of its industrial agglomeration advantages and continue to play its leading role as the president unit of Shaoxing's printing and dyeing industry.

At the meeting, Chairman Wei had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Yang. Mr. Yang mentioned that the production order in the new factory area was normal after the relocation, and with the industrial transformation and upgrading and the creation of a digital intelligent production and operation system, SIRIS took advantage of the situation and increased investment to optimize the printing and dyeing process and equipment, achieve energy conservation, consumption reduction, green environmental protection, and achieve sustainable development of enterprises. We also hope that the government can provide corresponding support to provide a solid guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry. Mr. Yang also gave Chairman Wei suggestions on the effective use of the vacant factory land after the relocation, and carried out organic renewal through various models to complete the second half of the article of vacating the cage and replacing the birds. He hoped that the government could help attract investment, centrally plan the development direction, and improve The surrounding supporting facilities attract high-quality industrial projects to take root.

Chairman Wei listened carefully to Mr. Yang's opinions and suggestions, fully affirmed the work done by SIRIS, encouraged enterprises to strengthen their confidence in development and inspire development spirit. The Municipal Association urged the government to implement the policy of supporting enterprises as soon as possible, and also hoped that both the government and enterprises would work together With hard work, the company has developed steadily and injected new momentum into high-quality economic development.