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Donate money to help students, send love to warm campus and promote talent

Issue Date:2023-01-14

Enthusiasm for public welfare and return to the society are Siris's persistence as the same as before. In order to help the poor students to aspire to success, on the afternoon of January 13, 2023, the company's office director Zhang Yongxing and his party set out for Mashan Middle School, Paojiang Primary School and Qunying Primary School to carry out the annual "poverty alleviation and student aid and warmth" activity, and sent financial aid to 31 poor students on behalf of General Manager Yang. Due to the epidemic situation, the poverty alleviation and education assistance will be simplified.

First of all, Director Zhang came to Mashan Middle School, handed the financial aid to the students or their parents, and conveyed President Yang's concern to the students and parents present. President Yang has always placed high hopes on the students, hoping that they can work hard, overcome the temporary difficulties with confidence, change their destiny with excellent academic achievements, and pass on the love in the future. The parents were red-eyed by the deep concern and expressed their gratitude to President Yang for his concern. Later, Director Zhang came to the Paojiang Primary School to grant grants to poor children. He told the students present that our company is devoting in gratitude and growing in dedication. He also hoped that the children would be determined to work hard under the care of teachers, parents and society, and contribute to their country and society. The students bowed their thanks after the donation, which was very moving. At the donation ceremony of Qunying Primary School, Director Zhang sent financial aid and New Year's greetings to students from poor families. He wished the students to thrive and master more new knowledge and skills in the new year. The donated children also prepared carefully drawn thank-you pictures.

The love kindles the light of hope, and the care lifts the sun of tomorrow. Siris has insisted on helping students to send warmth for 35 years, and has maintained the continuity of helping students who have not been out of poverty. From primary school to high school and college, many students have gone to work and began to repay the society. Under the leadership of General Manager Yang, Siris Customs Working Committee will continue to uphold the original intention of "helping the poor to send warmth and promote talent", to send warmth, hope, love and care to more families, and help more poor students grow and become talents.