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The company has implemented the system of counselors for key posts in the front line

Issue Date:2020-12-31

In order to increase the retention rate of new employees and improve the current situation of the shortage of employees in key posts of the company, the company has decided to implement one-to-one instructor system for some new employees in key posts of the company, such as car blockers, inspectors, cylinder blockers and tank barbers. The instructor qualification shall be recognized, registered independently, and submitted to the department as a unit. The relevant instructor qualification shall be established only after it has been approved by the Human Resources Department.

For new employees, the company will arrange systematic training and guidance, and designate counselors for them within 3 days. The Human Resources Department, department head and counselor will provide training and guidance to new employees according to the New Employee Training Operation Manual respectively. As a counselor for new employees, I have the obligation and responsibility to provide comprehensive help, guidance and answer questions for their life and work, so as to help them get familiar with their positions and integrate into the company as soon as possible.

The counseling period is set as 6 months. After the end of the period, if the new employee stays, the counselor will be evaluated by the human Resources Department, the department head and the new employee according to a certain weight ratio, and the counselor will be rewarded according to the evaluation results. According to the evaluation results, they will be divided into A, B and C, among which A and B will be awarded 1000 yuan and 600 yuan respectively. If the evaluation results are C, they will be disqualified to serve as new employee counselors within two years. For departments and counselors with high retention rate, the company will also give appropriate rewards, and the retention rate of new employees in that year will be included in the annual performance assessment of relevant supervisors.

Recently, the company awarded the first bonus to the excellent instructor of The Quality Control Department of Ganglong and fully affirmed his serious and responsible working attitude. The new employee said that the company's policy greatly helped him to integrate into the new environment and the new collective, so that he could get rapid help and promotion in both work and life, and enjoy the warmth of home.

The company always values talents, attaches importance to training and application, and will continue to make and improve relevant policies according to the actual situation, so as to deliver more high-quality new blood to the company.