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Happy work, sweet enterprise, company holding rainbow cup 3V3 basketball match

Issue Date:2020-11-02

 On Nov. 31st, 2020, the SIRIS Basketball match is holed on the company’s court. The match is formed by 3v3. With all departments of the company, there are six teams participating the match. Three of them comes from Huashen, two are from Ganglong and one, from Siris.

 The match takes the group stage and each competition will take two periods. Each period will have 10 minutes, the winners get the scores. And each group will have top 2 teams come out the line and go into the champion competition. With the whistle of the referee, the match has begun! All the players show their passion in this game, with Siris logo on their sports T-shirts. Under the principal of “Friendship first, competition follows”, the fighters express their love to work and sports with passion and sweat on the court.

 Fierce competition of players on the court, excited whooping from the audience, the game fighters throwing the baseball pass, dribbling, dunking! Score get! With the cheering shouts of the audience, four teams get into the final match.

 The 3v3 match which is held this time, not only enrich the lives of employees’s after-work time, but also stimulate the passion and confidence of workers to participate the sports which brings them a better and healthier body condition. It enhance the friendship between the workers, building up the team-work spirits, strengthening the cohesion of the enterprise and last but not least, expressing the active and energetic employees’ charming. This match also responds to company’s call to make employees work and live happily.