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2020 “Rainbow Cup” Table Tennis Competition Closing Ceremony

Issue Date:2020-08-24

With the idea of making the spare time lives of company’s workers more colorful, enhancing friendship, motivating workers’ sports sprits, strengthening team cohesiveness, and building a healthy, harmony and active enterprise culture, the company organized the 2020 “Rainbow Cup” table tennis competition which began at Aug. 8th and closed till Aug. 22nd.

The competition was divided into single events and team events. 1.The preliminary contest for single events take “the group stage” form which requires the best of three. The players take the seat by draw and the first 2 competitors went to the final. And it’s final takes the knockout round by best of five. 2.The team events will take Holding Group, Siris Knitting, Huashen and Siris Printing and Dyeing as four group, each group will have 6 members which among them will have one female player. It takes knockout system which also contain single and doubles competition.

The single event began at Aug. 8th. The first match took place between Chen Honghua who comes from foreign trade department and Li Jintang, R&D Center. The fierce competition draw attention from all the audience and applause came with it. With excellent skills, Chen took the first goal in group stage. With the fighting spirit in sports, the players took pen-hold grip, shake grip, spike, sidespin and banana kick in the game. There were all 8 players getting into the final competition and let us wait for the splendid performance!

0808单人赛.jpg           0808单人赛2.jpg

 The team event began at Aug 15th which is composed of 4 single games and 1 doubles game. During the Holding Group and HuaShen’s competition, the first round took place between Manager Zhang, Holding Group and Wang Yixin, Huashen. The audience cheered and clapped. Then it came to a winner, Zhang. Later on, Shen Chenjian showed his great competing skills and won the crucial round for Siris Printing and Dyeing group. At last, comes to the final competition between Holding group and Siris Printing and Dyeing group. The atmosphere in the event was so high that every player has the spirit to fight for the victory, along with audience’s cheers and applause. The Holding group finally won the game by fierce competition, next came the Siris Printing and Dyeing group. The game ended up in a leisure and excited mood.

0815团体赛1.JPG          0815团体赛2.JPG

0815团体赛3.JPG         0815团体赛4.JPG

 At Aug 22nd, the final game of single event, taking knockout, these 8 players draw lots to match. Each 2 get the same number will go to compete. The first round began at competition between quality control department He Wenhai and Huanshen planning department, Jiang Yiding. Jiang took the first round in the game by 13:11 and finally he got into top4 by winning best of five.

This bravo beginning of the game created a excellent atmosphere for the other players. During the competition between  Huashen Printing department Wang Huafu and Integrated Department, Sun Guojun, “bravo”, “nice goal”, “get him” audience were cheering and screaming for their fighters. The 2 player had the similar competing level but finally the victory came at the Wang’s one nice shot.

The third winner contest went on between Wang and Jiang, Wang won the first round by 12:10 and eventually take the winning by 3:1 in best of five. The champion would come between Office Manager Mr. Zhang yongxing and Shi Jianghai who is on behalf of driving department. The 2 competitors kept the statues all the time during the contest. And finally, Zhang won the championship and Shi, the second place.

0822决赛1.JPG         0822决赛2.JPG

0822季军争夺1.JPG         0822冠军争夺1.JPG

Here, the 2020 “Rainbow Cup” table tennis contest came to the end. The company wishes this ping-pong game will lead the employees to work and live in a healthy and positive attitude. The contest is to diversify employees’ spare time lives, unite workers, and through playing the game, it allows all the departments to be able to communicate and cooperate both in work and lives.

0815团体赛合照.JPG         0822决赛合影.JPG