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"Red Memory waiting for you to find" workers' children visiting veterans service stations

Issue Date:2020-07-29

The company always carries out the people-oriented concept, attaches importance to and takes good care of the life of employees, in order to enrich the cultural life of employees' children in summer vacation, so that everyone can feel the warmth and care of the company, and enhance the sense of belonging and family happiness of employees. On the occasion of August 1st Army Day, the company organized "Red Memory waiting for you to find" activity on July 23rd to guide the healthy growth of primary and middle school students with red culture.

"You will never fade away from retirement." Veterans are a valuable asset of the Party and the country. Open the memory of history, a group of hot-blooded youth, a revolutionary warrior, had the youth blood in the barracks, the need of the motherland is their greatest ideal.

The children came to the service station of veterans in Mashan Street with an excited mood and a heart of worship and admiration for the veterans. Under the enthusiastic guidance of the commentator, the children visited the content displayed in the service station, such as the historical records of the veterans, the marks of glory, the extraordinary years of the military without regrets and the wall of honor. In the red atmosphere, watch documentaries, listen to military stories, follow the footprints of heroes, remember the glorious history, and inherit red genes.

观看视频1-2.jpg  讲解退伍军人光荣榜1-3.jpg  

              (Watch the documentary)                                  (Interpretation of ex-servicemen's interviews)

The service station displays all kinds of old things of ex-servicemen. There are used military shoes, used water bottles, military backpack, gun cases, bullet casings, Chairman MAO badges, various commemorative badges, and so on, a precious photo, a living object. Through the illustrated explanation, the true representation of the soldiers at that time "to fight for a hundred thousand heads of blood, we need to restore the universe" spirit, as well as the determination of the veterans to add luster to the revolutionary cause. These precious old objects have unique historical value, and their unique and historic characteristics also make them of great significance in the history of Chinese revolution.

讲解历史相片1-7.jpg  介绍退伍军人用品1-4.jpg

                                    (Enjoy the history album)                                            (Appreciation of historical objects)     

      A ninety-year-old veteran of the Anti-Japanese War told the children his story as a teenager fighting for his country. In the war years when there was a shortage of materials and food, he chewed leather belts and tree bark roots to preserve his strength, and he fell on the snow to observe the enemy. It is because of the great hero is not afraid of sacrifice, not afraid of difficulties of the revolutionary spirit, we have today's happy life. Through the veteran's narration, let the child feel the hard-won happy life and cherish all the time.

抗美援朝老兵1-5.jpg  抗美援朝老兵近照1-6.jpg

                                                            (Ex-servicemen tell stories of the War of Resistance)

After the visit, the children began to do handwork, to explore and help each other, and to assemble piecemeal parts into an exquisite airplane model, which not only effectively expanded their divergent thinking and practical ability, but also helped to exercise their teamwork ability.

Through the organization of the children of workers to visit the activities of veterans, the embodiment of the family life of workers and their attention to the growth and education of their children. At the same time, the company encourages employees to take good care of their families, arrange their work and life well, and create great achievements in their respective jobs. I believe this activity can make the children more deeply feel the heroic spirit of the veterans, bring red positive energy and encouragement to their study and life in the future, and lead them to grow up healthily.

做手工1-6.jpg  和马山街道合照1-1.jpg

(Doing manual work)                                                         (A group photo)