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Siris, warm to the company to provide epidemic subsidies for employees

Issue Date:2020-07-29

 Recently, the company has provided 1,136 employees with epidemic subsidies, and the amount of this subsidy is as high as 2,698,900 yuan. Company President Yang said: "although serious outbreak of form, to the company management and employee life has brought the huge impact, siris, but we always take care of employees in the first place, attention and care for the staff of life, always keep in mind that the people-oriented business philosophy, the era have entrusted to mission and responsibility, buck the trend."

The sudden outbreak of the new champions league this year to the state, society, enterprises and families has brought the huge impact and difficulties, the company also faces the order has been cancelled, personnel failed to arrive in time and reduce the pressure, but even so the company in return to work immediately after the outbreak has established a compensation scheme, hope can alleviate the pressure of the employee's economy, while giving employees confidence and strength, in the special period of the company's care for bring warmth and help for everyone.

The person in charge of human resources said that in order to help people cope with the challenges brought by the epidemic and alleviate the pressure of family life, the company specially formulated the epidemic subsidy plan. The company has been adhering to the concept of treating employees as family members, seeking for the welfare of employees, and bringing the heart of Mr. Yang and the company to everyone.

The move to employees play a needle cardiotonic, received a subsidy that employees have expressed gratitude, "you know this year but also for the company, the order quantity is much less than before, such cases Yang always don't forget to care about us, send you some money, although the money is not many, but also to boost their household, reduce our stress, is really very happy, warm in our hearts, is all the more energetic work!"

Siris has always put employees at ease, adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy, the epidemic subsidy not only reflects the strength and responsibility of the enterprise, but also shows the group's attention and care for employees. As a member of the siris, let us work together to write a better future.

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