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The company carries out fire drill training activities

Issue Date:2020-07-28

  In order to enhance the daily safety work of our company, improve the safety awareness of fire fighting, prevention and treatment measures and emergency self-rescue ability of all staff. On the afternoon of July 3rd, the company carried out a fire drill with the theme of "safety production prevention against non-ignition", and all employees participated in the drill. The activities are mainly for fire hazards, evacuation routes, escape methods, rescue dressing, the use of fire extinguishers and the company's fire equipment layout training.

        The fire drill simulated fire administration building and workshop, when fire fire alarm ring, employees react quickly with a wet towel or cloth to cover your mouth and nose, bend over and orderly emergency evacuation route to escape, quick safely arrived at the specified location, rescue the wounded and stents, bind up in a safe place, and exercise the orderly.

逃生2-4.jpg      伤员包扎1-1.jpg

(Escape drill)                                                                           (Wounded dressing drill)

After all the staff gathered, the chief commander of the scene first conducted fire safety common sense training for everyone, explaining in detail the company's evacuation route and the layout of fire facilities, the introduction and correct use of fire extinguishers, emergency rescue measures on the scene, production safety precautions, etc. It has supplemented our staff's lack of knowledge in fire safety and effectively improved their response speed and self-rescue and emergency capacity.

现场指导3-1.jpg      现场操作2-3.jpg

       (Group guidance)                                                                (Dry ice fire extinguisher practice)

 Then organize the staff to use the dry ice fire extinguisher for practical operation. When using the fire extinguisher, choose the wind direction, pull out the safety pin, hold the nozzle of the spray hose and aim at the burning object, and hold the handle with the other hand and press down the handle with force, the extinguisher can be ejected. In extinguishing, with the reduction of effective spraying distance, the extinguishing agent should be gradually approached to the burning area, so that the extinguishing agent is always sprayed at the burning object until the fire is extinguished. The purpose of this training is to use fire extinguishers in a standard way so that employees can quickly and effectively put out and rescue valuable instruments and equipment, low-voltage electrical equipment, files and computer fires.

        The purpose of fire drill is to prevent accidents in the first place. The company has been focusing on safe production, carrying out targeted fire drill regularly to improve employees' awareness of fire safety and effectively do the work of safe production.