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Based on strech series fabric and yarn-dyed stripe,SIRIS also produce normal jersey,pique,french terry, rib and interlock,etc..Our annual producing capacity
Owning30%revenue,High-grade and environment-friendly yarn made of cotton,viscose,modal, polyester/cotton, and polyester /rayon, etc..
MenandWomen'sTshirts,Polo shirts and sports suits series .To achieve no defects is our goal, We have cooperateted with Nike successfully, and trying to
H&M, Nike, K-mart, Gap, Target, etc..
SIRIS knitting Co ., Ltd (SIRIS)
SIRIS knitting Co ., Ltd (SIRIS) is located in Shaoxing, a famous historic and cultural city in China. SIRIS has a total asset of more than 600 million RMB and a staff team of more than 1800 employees. SIRIS has new been forged into an all-round and foreign-oriented enterprises integrated knitting, piece dyeing and garments manufacturing. Covering a total area of 320,000 square meters, SIRIS is one of the backbone enterprises equipped with the most advanced, most complete knitting and dyeing machines in China.
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ADD:Paojiang Industrial Zone,Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China
PC:312088 TEL:0086-575-88046888 FAX;0086-575-88048619